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Bali and all. [Nov. 21st, 2009|12:31 am]
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hello! incase you've been missing me and wondering how am i doing recently, i'm here to update alittle. hee :D well i just came back from Bali. (actually been almost a week) HAHAHAHAHHA. but i still miss and love Bali soooo much. oh god i so wanna go back there and every morning got nice breakfast and after that go tanning! the never ending fun and laughter is priceless, especially with my dearest boy (: i couldnt sleep the night before and had to wake up 6 in the morning. lol. gonna just grab afew pic and let you guys have a good laugh alright!

PIC 1 - boyfriend fell asleep and i dont blame him for that. Jakarta's airport sucks to the core i swear. nothing to shop and we ended up at times looking at magz and looking for Bali map. lol. and jakarta's time 1 hour different from sg's time and i tot we're gonna be late go i grab boyfriend and ran to the check in THEN realised we still have 1 and a half hour to check in. LOL. kena scolded for my blur-ness. HAHAHAH. but was a funny one. and luckily ipod was with me, we started playing songs, singing and making fun eg hotel room service. HAHAHA.

PIC 2 - finally got up the plan and can you believe this, after this photo was taken, i fell asleep in less than a min?! and woke up by the smell of food?! HAHAHAHAH boyfriend had a good laugh, saying that i'm a pig! love you my fred perry boy <3

PIC 3 - what a nice day to fly huh. slept my way thru. HAHAHHAA.

PIC 1 - have you ever walk on a airport runway? i did at Bali's airport. (: something special huh.

PIC 2 - the rooftop, where we go for our tanning, breakfast and spa.

PIC 3 - swimming pool (: the view from this roof top took my breath away. and the moment you will want time to stop forever.

PIC 1 - Bali Kuta Beach <3
PIC 2 - surf surf surf, a place where you can find all the beach boys you want! HAHAHAHA.
PIC 3 - A&W. when was your last time? :D

PIC 1 - i love this so much. regret not buying. lol though we're not on honeymoon but who cares!
PIC 2 - love this cat. its huge know. half of my height if i'm not wrong. super cute!
PIC 3 - pic taken outside the spa room. OUTDOOR! fucking funny. HAHAHAHAHA.

PIC 1 TO 3 - our OUTDOOR spa. HAHAHHA. boyfriend lar, thinks that outdoor spa sounds cool and end up he regretted too!
look at those curtains, its just for display, can see thru one! we had to change into the underwear and the gown know. (1) like how?! where?! lol! it took us a long time to change cause i was like HOW TO CHANGE?! ANYBODY LOOKING? FUCK LAR I CAN SEE PEOPLE WALKING ALONG THE BEACH, DOWNSTAIRS! (2) lol. the best part, bathe in the bath tub. lol. i dont dare to stand up and bathe, cause people from 360deg can see me! HAHAHAHAHA. freaking funny. so it was my first time seated in the bath tub and bathe! kinda weird lar. and spa by right only 2 hours but overall we took about 2 and a half? CAUSE 30MIN LAUGHING. but money well spent! it was great!

PIC 1 - mac donald!
PIC 2 - on the way to sub marine!
PIC 3 - i'm soooooo fair. no, its he too dark! HAHAHAHAHA.i've got a malay boyfriend. lol

PIC 1 to 3 - inside the submarine, seeing fishes swimming around, infront of you is breath taking! and the funniest part, we wasnt told that someone will dive in and feed the fishes know. and there's this tourist got a shocked and screamed damnnnnn loud. lol. (3) parrot fish, nice colour! there's some coral too, but camera not good enough to capture leh. need a DSLR! SOON SOON :D

PIC 1 - TANAH LOT! templt since 1700's. <3


candle light dinner at Jimbaran beach (: thankyou love.


alright, i need to go sleep now. gonna be busyall the way till next year. i finally got what i've always wanted.

i got promoted! white sand's store manager! YIPPYYYYYYYYYY. and i cant wait (: goodnight world! <3

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Bali is love(: [Oct. 28th, 2009|10:42 pm]
[Current Mood |crazycrazy]
[Current Music |change me - feat akon]

hello world, i'll be going Bali with love on 10nov! (:
i love Bali!!! to me its like a dream come true!
i always wanted to go bali with husband for honeymoon,
and seems like alittle early to say anything for now.
hee but whatever it is, please pray for me okay!
cause despite knowing that Indo is having earthquakes,
we still insist to go. hopefully WONT have tsunami. i dont wanna die ):
pray ok! (: lovex456458679430985769840398475694302.
I'MAHAPPYGIRL, but i've spent too much $$$$ recently. LOL.
gucci perfumes, vodka, martel, chanel perfumes, juicy perfumes,
longchamps, guess HERE I COME! (:

there'sneverenough,i'magreddypig! <3

(no subject) [Oct. 14th, 2009|11:25 pm]

hello world. i'm a happy girl cause i got my hair perm done at kimage, and recently kitten was found after 1 day of MIA. the idiot small malay boy staying nearby took home for a day, then decided to keep, so came back to informed the auntie. wtf. hhee and siamese meow meow is back after 3 days of MIA. lol. went pet farm today with boyfriend and we saw my fav cats.........!! but saddest part of all, ah dai passed away. aww, what a huge dog.. anyway, i'm tired, wanna go sleep. thats it for now, tomorrow need to get my ass back to work. HAHAHA.

siamese meow meow ((:

lovely breeds! (:

lastly, my fav cat (: American Shorthair

(no subject) [Oct. 9th, 2009|06:33 pm]
[Current Music |rihanna - run this town!]

i need to get a new hairdo, new bag, new perfumes( from Gucci, Chanel and Juicy!), and a holiday.
well, i'm having my Annual Leave now, for a week. but hello, i'm still in singapore. lol.
everywhere got floods, earth quakes and what so ever. where else better than home huh?
so alright, i'm gonna rot my life away till the 15th then go back to work.
planning our holiday trip on nov 10th but gotto depends on ed for my AL lor.
hopefully he'll approve my AL, if not i also dont know how to clear. got like 17days more?
i wanna shop DFS so badly. imagine getting Gucci, Chanel, Juicy's perfume there?! so cheap can.
oh and my new bag? hahaha. boyfriend confirm will kill me one. cause i'm aiming at this LV speedy. :D
nhah, maybe afew more cheap longchamp bag. soooooo cheap and quite nice.
FTT ah FTT, damn lazy can. lazy to go take. lol. need some motivations!
alright, recently bought Osim upapa for mummy's birthday and went ding tai fung for dinner.
pocket got a BIG hole now. HAHAHA. my bank balance, lol. forget it. got save better than never right?! :D
need to check out Koh Samui's website to check pricings. (: so ready to spend money for seafood.
whatever lar, i'm sleepy. byeworld.


(no subject) [Sep. 27th, 2009|12:33 am]

hi journal, i received a fax the other day. positions open up for all staffs who are ready to step up.
1. store manager tampines mall.
2. 2ic united square cotton on kids.
3. store manager white sand.

i filled up all the details and passed to eddie the very next day. yes, i applied for white sand.
but will i get it? not confirm yet, to what i know eh, actually afew other staff requested for WS too. ):
well, it all depends on Dan too. ): its my last chance to get out of suntec. not that i hate suntec, but...
aiya it takes one to understand one. i cannot stand it anymore, thats all, short and simple.
its the F1 week and with all the road blocks, i got no other choice but to take train and walk citylink ):
know how much i hate citylink anot. stupiddddddddddddddd shitttttttttttt.
next week will be my last week of work then i'll be on leave! (: but dont know going overseas anot leh.
boyfriend like busy only. boracay? phuket again? cebu? dont know lar. got a feeling it wont happen.
forgot about something very important! (: we found 3 kittens on monday. all damn small cannnn. so cute! (:
and.. 2 moreeeee daysxzxzx to our 1 1/2years (:
he's been busy with work recently and the only time we have is our wednesday. his only off day.
sometimes it breaks my heart seeing him so tired yet still come down and fetch me home.
sigh, i'm gonna spend alot next month. mummy's birthday dinner, birthday present, sis's birthday present.
my chanel perfume only left like 20% 100ML? but it cost $149 at SaSa X.X can dieeeee.
dont know how come boyfriend got the heart to buy for my valentine's day present 2009. lol.
whatever lar, good night world. last day of FuckedupONE tomorrow! THANK GOD.


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